Welcome to ESBICM - learn Bedside Intensive Care

Welcome to ESBICM®

We are an organization with the mission to change the way intensive care is delivered in the world today using this platform for providing FREE Bedside Intensive Care Education to every healthcare professional involved in care of critically ill patients. 
The BEDSIDE in ESBICM® represents the art of clinical examination, data interpretation and diagnosis at the patient bedside which plays a very crucial role in the management of managing critically ill patients in ICU. ESBICM® aims at reviving this very art in the Intensive Care Units which often at times takes a backseat with the fast evolution of modern medicine. This translates into providing better and crucial care not only in the well-equipped center(s), but also in small and the most remote ICU(s) of the world where modern facilities are often lacking. 
Read ‘What we do’ section to know more about us and once again welcome on this very exciting journey of learning with ESBICM® – Educational Society of Bedside Intensive Care Medicine!
We are on YouTube now
The ICU Channel by ESBICM

The ICU Channel has become the main video platform for ESBICM educational videos. It aims to cover the full Intensive Care syllabus along with day to day bedside practical teachings and how to handle the challenges.

If you have any doubt related to a video topic, you can ask in the “comments” section of that particular video or if a detailed explanation is required, you can ask on the ESBICM discussion forums.

If you are unable to find a video on a topic which you searching for, you can submit a request for the same by filling the form here.

The Telegram group of ESBICM is for the direct voice message explanations by Dr. Ankur Gupta, Founder President , ESBICM. It is also used for sharing the reference articles and updates.

ESBICM forums is a great platform for everyone to post, share, discuss, learn, relearn and improve in regards to concepts of bedside intensive care medicine.

If you want to learn, contribute and address the local academic needs of your friends, institution, city, state, country or world, becoming ESBICM Academic Volunteer is a great opportunity.
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If you also want to share your testimonial or feedback with us, please do so by filling the form here. We would love to here from you.

ESBICM Foundation day lecture by Dr Ankur Gupta on 11th Oct. 2018.
Dr. Ankur delivering the lecture on ESBICM foundation day on 11th Oct. 2018.
Since its inception, ESBICM has been trying to improve the Bedside Intensive Care across the world in whatever way it can with the help of its viewers and members like you!
Dr. Ankur Gupta receiving “Best Intensivist of the Year award 2019′ from Cabinet Minister, Mr. Anurag Thakur.
Dr. Ankur Gupta, Intensivist and Founder President, ESBICM

“BEDSIDE medicine when applied to Intensive Care DOES wonders, both for the ICU team and patients.
ESBICM® aims to revive & spread this clinical art and will continue to do it free for healthcare professionals, forever.”

Dr. Ankur Gupta, Intensivist, Learning teacher and Founder President, ESBICM

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