Become an ESBICM Academic Volunteer

As you all know, ESBICM doesn’t charge anything from any healthcare professional working in ICU or ED (specially doctors and nurses).

We are on a mission to change the way intensive care is delivered in the world today using this platform for providing FREE Bedside Intensive Care Education to every healthcare professional involved in the care of critically ill patients. Its vision is to strengthen the bedside intensive care even in the smallest and most remote ICU of the world.

Our whole society is based on volunteer work by the founders and various contributors; we share what we know and we are dedicated and committed to make this vision a reality for sure!

And as this platform has reached almost every nation through its YouTube channel (The ICU Channel), we started receiving many requests for local-level academic activities not only from India but from across the globe. This gave the idea of ESBICM Academic Volunteers who will play a very crucial role in delivering the area specific educational needs and make this platform reach to those it may prove useful. They do this by the following:

1. They understand the educational needs of their particular area, be it their ICU, city hospitals, state or nation or simply their group of friends and then communicate and co-ordinate with us so that we can arrange online classes, educational materials, address their doubts etc… 

2. They remain actively connected with us on telegram/whatsapp where they share their suggestions and make this platform improve and evolve with time. 

3. They make their peers and other health professionals aware of ESBICM and The ICU Channel …actually the list is endless!

Below mentioned are further details:

Benefits of academic volunteers

  1. They will be connected with the ESBICM Team on Telegram/ Whatsapp.
  2. They will be given preference in the activities conducted by ESBICM.
  3. Their cases and data submissions (if approved) will be eligible to be published on ESBICM Online platforms.
  4. They will have access to ESBICM classes exclusively for academic volunteers.
  5. They will be eligible to become speakers/moderators in future ESBICM Sessions. 
  6. Moreover this is will help them to  evolve as a leader in Intensive Care and also improve their academics.


1.     Should be a member of ESBICM.
2.     Should be an Allopathic doctor/nurse.
3.     Should have interest in critical care medicine.

Types of activities* expected from an academic volunteer

Online activities

  1. Online Classes – This will be a 60 minute session followed by 30 minutes of discussion.
  2. Online Workshops – This will be a minimum 1 day or maximum 2 days activity.
  3. Online Conferences – This will be a minimum 2 day or maximum 3 days activity.

Physical activities

At present, it is restricted to 1 day event and that too will depend upon the international logistics and condition at that moment.

*The content of all the activities will be based on the requirement of the local audience.

Process of becoming ESBICM Academic Volunteer:

  • Once the ESBICM member have decided to become ESBICM academic volunteer, they will need to fill the form and submit application here.
  • Their application will be reviewed by the Academic Committee of ESBICM (ACE) and if approved, they will get an approval email with further details.
  • After this they will need to conduct at least one activity within six months of issue of academic volunteer membership.
  • Based on the initial activity conducted,  their academic volunteer membership  will be extended for 2 years.
  • To renew and continue their academic volunteer membership, they need to conduct at least one activity in next 2 years.
  • They need to inform at least 3 weeks in advance for any activity to ACE. 
  • They cannot charge for any events/ programs on behalf of ESBICM but they can charge a nominal amount for local logistic arrangement and this has to be informed to Academic Committee of ESBICM before-hand.

It’s important to understand that this is a voluntary role and no renumeration of any kind should be expected from or will be given by ESBICM. It’s completely a voluntarily activity by which you are contributing to their fellow beings to learn better, shape their clinical skills better, showing leadership qualities and ultimately impacting the care of critically ill patients.

So if you want share this vision and want to become a part of this mission, apply now for becoming ESBICM Academic Volunteer and be a part of the revolution!

Note: If you are already an ESBICM academic volunteer and want to update certain details of yours, kindly contact the Academic Committee of ESBICM (ACE) via email.

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