ESBICM Membership Benefits

  1. ESBICM Membership if lifetime* free for healthcare professionals working or interested in bedside intensive care specially critical care doctors and nurses.
  2. ESBICM members will be invited to join the members exclusive emailing list for receiving important updates, documents and articles from time to time. (This will be done via google groups**)
  3. Special access to uncut recordings of regular critical care classes conducted by ESBICM team members. The recorded link will be shared on email list group (via google groups**).
  4. In any ESBICM event/program, members will be given preference.
  5. Only members can submit application for becoming ESBICM academic volunteers.

Process for taking ESBICM Membership

  1. First you need to submit the ESBICM membership application by filling the form here.
  2. After submission, Academic Committee of ESBICM (ACE) will review your application and will either approve or will ask you some more details based on your filled application. That’s why try to fill all the details correctly while filling the form in first go.
  3. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirming your Lifetime ESBICM membership with your unique ESBICM membership number (ID)***. Make sure you note this down and save the email carefully as you will need to quote this number in future communication with ESBICM (It will also be required for filling Academic Volunteer application in case you apply.)
  4. This whole process can take 1 week to 4 weeks.

ESBICM Membership details updation

If you want to update certain details of your existing ESBICM Membership, kindly fill the form here.

*ESBICM reserves the right to withdraw the membership if any violation or misuse of its membership is noted.
** If you are an ESBICM member but haven’t received the email listing group invite (google groups invite), make sure you have checked your spam/junk folder and mark it as not spam. If still you have’t received it there also, contact Academic Committee of ESBICM.
*** In-case you haven’t received your unique ESBICM membership number within 4 weeks from the date of your form submission, please get in touch with Academic Committee of ESBICM (ACE).

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