ESBICM Academic Volunteer

In order to address the different region specific educational needs in intensive care and to reach even the most remote ICU across the globe, we are now accepting applications for what we call “ESBICM Academic Volunteer”. These are the members which understand the educational needs of their particular area, be it their icu, city hospitals, state or nation or simply their group friends and then communicate and co-ordinate with us so that we can arrange online classes, educational materials, address their doubts etc…

Also they are joined in a dedicated whatsapp group in which they can communicate freely with us.

All academic volunteer names will be posted on the ESBICM website along with their photograph and name to appreciate their efforts.

At present we accept applications only from ICU / ED doctors or nurses for this role (can be student in intensive care). We may open in future to all health care professionals.

To apply for becoming ESBICM Academic Volunteer, just select the YES option while filling ESBICM membership form

Note: If you have already filled the ESBICM membership form before 11th Oct. 2022, you can send your details and wish to become ESBICM Academic Volunteer at drankur [at] esbicm [dot] org

Thank you.

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