What we do?

Below mentioned are the major ways (but not limited to) by which we provide the Bedside Intensive Care Education to students, doctors, nursing and everyone involved in care of critically ill patients.

Online Forums

Our online doubt clearing and discussion forums is a great platform for everyone to post, share, discuss, learn, relearn and improve in regards to concepts of bedside intensive care medicine. There is no charge for joining it. You can register for free. Only thing required is the authentic information while registration and applying for membership.  

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YouTube Channel

The most popular section of ESBICM! Earlier the name of the channel was “BEDSIDE INTENSIVE CARE”; On 9th July 2020, ESBICM has affiliated with regularcrisis.com for making educational videos for health care professionals. The channel name was “REGULARCRISIS-ESBICM”, where regular videos are being uploaded, typically 2-3 per week, which covers different range of topics right from bedside clinical examination and case discussions to long ICU lectures.

But from 27th May 2022, ESBICM official channel name changed to “The ICU Channel

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There are various topics in intensive care and emergency medicine which require constant reading, practice and updates. Our YouTube Channel (regularcrisis) helps you clarify the concepts and ESBICM Blog compliments it by providing the latest updates and practice material for the same. Not only this, ESBICM Blog remains gives you a faster update as sparing time for writing articles is little easier than making videos specially when you are working full time in intensive care!

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Online Live Lectures

Every Week we take live online lectures and classes (mostly on zoom) which is joined by students, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals from across the world. These lectures are popularly known as ‘ESBICM Weekly Classes’. You can go the ESBICM Academic Calendar where the schedule of pervious and coming up classes is listed.

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From time to time, we organize physical* workshops on different Bedside Intensive Care Topics. It’s always a great session where we interact with our members face to face. If you want them to get organized in your institution, please get in touch with us through our contact us page.

*Due to Covid pandemic, we have shifted to online workshops and kept physical workshops on hold till further notice. We, right now, are taking requests ONLY for online workshops and lectures.

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Beside Visual Knowledge Bank

There is a saying “You will never make a diagnosis you have never heard or seen before”. This saying becomes very relevant in ICU & ER settings where along with your knowledge, your experience also counts a lot. This experience comes from seeing and witnessing lots and lots of clinical scenarios and conditions. Imagine what would happen if we collect all the data we are seeing daily in our ICUs and putting them online which could be seen, solved and practiced multiple times! Tremendous improvement in our clinical skills and patient care, right ? This is what ESBICM Visual Knowledge Bank aims at. ABGs, ECGs, Radiology, Bedside Clinical Signs, ICU Clinical Data, all there to view and practice. Its ever growing, so do check it frequently.

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ESBICM Newsletter

ESBICM Newsletter serves 2 main purposes.
1. Its weekly edition sums up all the ESBICM Blog activities and sends you an email on Saturday so that you can go through it during the weekend.
2. Form time to time (usually monthly), it provides you the Bedside ICU Tips, lectures, important updates, etc. which are relevant for anyone working in Intensive Care and Emergency Department.

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