“The ICU Channel” is now the Official YouTube Channel of ESBICM®

Started on 9th July 2020, ESBICM made its YouTube presence as ‘Bedside Intensive Care’, then changed to ‘RegularCrisis’ which subsequently changed to the current name as ‘The ICU Channel’ on 27th May 2022.

It was started as a platform to upload the regular physical classes taken by Dr. Ankur in the ICU (which were ‘recorded as such’) and share online because of the COVID pandemic. Slowly these videos were proved to be of help for doctors & nurses in other hospitals, states, and even other countries. Then ESBICM started getting request for other lectures also. But the trigger for this channel came when due to one such video, an emergency resident was able to save the life of a patient. That day we decided to make it a dedicated educational channel for doctors and nurses working in ICU & ED – “THE ICU CHANNEL” which is now the official YouTube channel of ESBICM.

The ICU Channel by ESBICM
The ICU Channel by ESBICM
…sharing what’s critical

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